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Welcome to your OASYS! Merriam-Webster states that an oasis is 'a fertile or green area in an arid region (as a desert)' or 'something that provides refuge, relief, or pleasant contrast'. That is what Oasys Information Systems provides its clients - refuge with a paradise sense of relief in, the Business Intelligence (BI) space.

If your organization is involved in Data Warehousing (or Marts), Data Integration, Enterprise Reporting, Analytical Reporting, Adhoc Reporting (aka, Self-Service Reporting), Performance Management (aka, Scorecards), Dashboard Management (i.e., Operational, Tactical or Strategic) or Data Visualization, give (OIS) a call. We would like to offer your organization the same IT BI project comfort we have provided many others!

SAP BusinessObjects™

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OIS hires nothing but top notch national talent that are professional, trained and certified (BOCP). We specialize in Business Intelligence (Data Warehouse/Marts) with all the Business Objects Tool Suite. Our talent pool consist of Solution Architects, Lead Integrators, Lead Developers, Analyst, etc.   OIS also leverages our SWAT program to provide talent for our clients. SWAT stands for ‘Smart Wo(men) w/ Available Time’. We allow moonlight developers across the nation (no off-shore resources) to make extra cash while leveraging their talent part-time. This assures our clients that they are receiving the best Business Objects administrators/developers on the market today.